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In the United States, the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, (ARES), is a corps of trained amateur radio operator volunteers organized to assist in public service and emergency communications. It is organized and sponsored at the national level by the American Radio Relay League.

ARES teams participate in preparedness planning and exercises with their local emergency management office, the Red Cross, hospitals, and first responder organizations to be prepared if disaster strikes.

When an unusual occurrence disrupts cellular systems, landlines, the internet and public safety radio systems, ARES volunteers are ready to respond to establish emergency communications until normal systems can be restored.

ARES plays an important role in non-emergency activities as well.  Upon request, ARES members provide communications for public events, such as parades, charity bicycle challenges, festivals, and more.

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  • 10-Meter HF Net Cancelled
    Our first 10-meter HF Net proved that 10-meters was unreliable for local HF communications.  We will explore other HF options in the near future.

  • Sumter County ARES Meeting
    The monthly meeting of Sumter County ARES is conducted on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, starting at 7:30 PM ET.  Unless otherwise specified, this meeting is held on-line via Zoom.  You DO NOT have to be a member of ARES to participate in this meeting.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend.  To join the Zoom meeting, go to and navigate to the date.  There you will find the link.

  • Sumter County ARES VHF Net
    The monthly Sumter County ARES VHF Net will be conducted on 4th Thursday of each month beginning at 7:30 PM ET on the K4HOG 147.030 repeater (+ Offset, PL/123.0 Hz).  You DO NOT have to be a member of ARES to check into this Net.  All licensed amateur radio operators are encourage are welcome and encouraged to partipate.  We will use the NetLogger application for logging.

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