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KX4LEO-11 and Sumter County ARES

For amateur radio operators who want to transmit packet information via their GPS-capable transceiver. KX4LEO and Sumter County ARES now provides APRS iGate and Digipeater service to Central and South Sumter County, Florida.

APRS Digipeaters are located virtually any where amateur radio stations are located across the United States.  When a Digipeater receives a packet signal on the national APRS frequency 144.390 MHz, that Digipeater will retransmit that packet information until it is eventually received by an APRS iGate.  It is possible that the packet will hop from Digipeater to Digipeater before it can be received by an iGate.



Once the packet is eventually received by the iGate, that iGate will then send the information to the APRS-IS system through the internet.  Various APRS applications and websites, such as, aprsisce32, pinpoint, etc., acquire the packet information from the APRS-IS system and display it on maps through their respective platforms.  These maps can be viewed by anyone.  APRS apps are also available for android and apple smartphones. 

Because KX4LEO-11 is both an APRS Digipeater and iGate, when it receives a packet signal it will immediately send it to the APRS-IS system through the internet.


This is a visual illustration of how transmitted packet information ultimately appears on maps.

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